We specialize in online technology to give the best service to your business. With over 18 years of combined experience, the partners of Corsue offer many of the things learned over the years to your business.  From web technologies, to marketing, to design and management, we can help your business succeed!


Josue Lopez

CEO and Founder

Josue works in the marketing and business side of Corsue; maintaining clients and observing internet technology trends.

Corbin Rose

CIO and Co-Founder

Corbin works as the director of technology and lead developer

Our Story

Corbin grew up learning American Sign Language having an ASL interpreter for a mother. Josue became deaf at age 9 and is now fluent in Spanish, American Sign Language, and English. Corbin and Josue have a seventeen years of experience with internet technology and business combined, and they work together to create successful solutions for businesses.